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Plop of The Week: Pop My Culture #88

I’ve been missing out on a bunch of Summer pop culture happenings, but thankfully Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland are always on the beat with Pop My Culture and its laid back interviews. The always funny Ian Edwards visited the show for a quick-paced and even more laid back then usual episode. Here’s my write-up the recent Splitsider “Week In Comedy Podcasts” post:

After years of the summer break cycle, we’re officially trained to really get into our pop culture minds during the warm season. It makes sense there’s a lot of great stuff from The Pop My Culture duo, of late. Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland welcome in one of today’s more naturally funny comedians, Ian Edwards, for a particularly laid back episode. Before Edwards pops in, Stratton and Ragland have a bit of fun doing their listen thank yous as raspy Batman and Alfred the butler (aka Michael Caine). Edwards brings along his biting cynicism and quick-witted observations and really adds a lot to the normal Stratton and Ragland fun bits of silliness. Though, Edwards doesn’t push too hard for any joke, like some guests are apt to do. Instead, listeners get to just listen in on a few funny folk shooting the shit about the latest summer happenings. Ragland continues to standout with her joyful ways and timely inappropriate questions. Stratton is skilled at pushing the jokes and the conversation along. Highlights include Edwards’ Spiderman is a clutz rant, the gang talking dirty/sexy Olympic Village and dissecting the latest Dark Knight flick. There are some straight quality riffs that include Catwoman’s financial planning issues and the need to support crazy people’s artistic passions. Edwards also shares a bit of his comedic drive-thru-related beginnings and some fun behind-the-scenes stories from Punk’d. It all makes for a fun summer afternoon listen.

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