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Plop of The Week: The Pod F. Tompkast #19, #20 & #21

Paul F. Tompkins releasing three full episodes of his stand-out Pod F. Tompkast in a week’s span is the best kind of Internet treat. Here’s my necessary praise and write-up in the recent Splitsider “Week In Comedy Podcasts”:

A few weeks back, I heralded the return of The Pod F. Tompkast to the series of tubes after its brief hiatus. Little did I know, Paul F. Tompkins and his composer and podcast partner-in-crime, Eban Schletter, were about to unleash a digital bounty of comedy awesomeness this month in the run up to their special live show in Los Angeles. In the span of a week, they released three full episodes. That’s over three hours of free comedy. The episodes are full of personal riffs, sketches, live show clips, interviews and, yes, even a bit of Tompkins’ ol’ pal, Jen Kirkman. It’s top-notch internet hijinks. Guests include Thomas Lennon, Jessica St. Clair, Paget Brewster, Andy Daly, Rich Sommer, Laraine Newman, Justin Kirk and Jen Kirkman. If this were any other medium, our corporate overlords would have surely packaged the 3-in-1 week event with an overbearing marketing name like “Tompkins-aggedon” or the quaint but effective “Tompkins Week.” But that’s not how podcasts roll. Tompkins simply plopped those bad boys online for the listeners. No extra BS needed. Tompkins just keeps plugging ahead with litany of stellar podcast appearances and his own great show, featuring some of the most engaging and smart comedy today. Time to say thanks for the free comedy bounty and celebrate a week of Tompkins overload.

The rest of the Splitsider podcast crew offered up some other quality picks for last week’s favorite episodes:

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